Making of a lover

by Megha's World


With your kohl-lined eyes

staring at me

giving me those

tantalizing looks

that lovers only give

those languid hands

lying bare

on my body

counting the freckles

for the millionth time

and giving a name

to each one for me

with a twinkle in your eyes

and passion dripping

from your cherry lips

it burns every

desire in me

and mocks

my free will

the honey-dipped voice

whispers those

sweet nothings

which can easily

calm a devil

your fingers

making a trail

in my hair

stores the thousand


of these lazy


your chest heaving

and making a melody to mine

leaving a poem of our souls

deeply etched in time

they say

nothing can be done

if I sit around lazily

but with such an ease

you make a lover out of me.

Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash

2 Comments to “Making of a lover”

  1. Welcome to poets corner enjoy yourself

  2. Thanks, Harry. I really appreciate your efforts to help poets in the community. Thanks for all the help.

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