This New Year…

by Colly

personal photo




I’m thankful for new beginning’s…

and the opportunities it conveys.



I’m thankful for each new day…

and the way sunlight shimmers

on fresh fallen snow.



I’m thankful for my loved ones close….

they hold my life in their palm.

They’re everything beautiful.



I’m thankful for my generous parents.

Who give so much yet expect little.

Little more than connection by phone.



I’m thankful for the breath of life,

for health, sustenance. This is

the essence of wealth.



I’m thankful for the love He employs.

Even in the darkest of moments,

He offers joy. What is eternity

but His purity ?



This comfort I take with me in this new year,

and always, blessing’s to all in 2018 !!

Have a safe & happy new year !




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