Let’s Light Up

by Renwick Berchild

Let’s begin anew, you and I; let’s decide
that the world is not meant for us, that meadows
beneath glass lakes, and mountains that move
and speak, and lions and elk that are of human
physique rule over us, but tend to lax off
their supreme duties; that you and I aren’t
composed of any molecular being, have no 
blood in our non-veins, no pulse, just ravenous  

drumming; let’s say music is our two tonne
body, volleying waves run aground in breathing
soil that houses the fetuses of birds, avian seeds
we can sprout; you and I, growing wings like
cabbage, our agricultural fields tiered monuments
of dreams and the like; let’s begin, and say
to hell with it, we are makers, let’s make things,
let’s light it all up as an incandescent wild flame.  


One Comment to “Let’s Light Up”

  1. Love that title! It really cought my attention.

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