How Now should we Handle these Water Lilies?

by Renwick Berchild

How now should we handle these water lilies?
One stone could break the sunset. I’ve a mind
to skip rocks, glide into a wade, feel beneath
with my bare feet, and leave you on the shore.
For night tiptoes, then jumps, weighing dusk in;
we’ve not much time, and this, is to my advantage.
In love, woman are ahead, and men behind; as luck
would have it, I am to be far beyond reach. I think
I may dunk into the blooms atop, and like a seabird
sail under you, as breaths waft alow heavy eyes.
Though by your height, your breath this late eve
has a clear path straight to my soul’s window.


2 Comments to “How Now should we Handle these Water Lilies?”

  1. Enjoyed your verse, Marie!

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