Alas, a dream !

by Colly

personal photo

edited photo taken Dec 24




The hardest part was knowing you.

The easiest part was letting you go.




Dreams fell like chasms in my heart,

unwilling to let go…

but survival bid me lose you.



Dreams were this elusive part of me…

that never came to fruition.



Dreams were visionary illusions

that fell like tombstones

in my heart.



Dreams, I knew you once.

But you were always in the cocoon stage.

Unwilling to birth a butterfly.

Full of loveliness and wise.



Dreams, I see sin in your eyes.

Lust and want.

An interpretation of need?



Storms unveil the purpose of your

authenticity, oh dream !



If to be in want I will tell you a lie.

If to be in need I will tell you the truth.

Dreams are for no one. Not even I.



Inexplicable truth.

Dreams fair only in meadows of bliss.

But not in truth and loveliness.

Dreams melt in light of truth.



Visions will be found.

But only by the visionary.


Love will be found.

But only by the lovely.


Life will be found.

But only with normalcy.


I am the eagle that fly’s.

The storm in your eyes,

your Dreams!

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