Why Poetry ?

by Colly


I am the door that opens when others close.

I am the eyes eager to see through to opportunity.

I am the beauty of your surrounding captivated by pen.

I am the eager lover pining for the love and desire of another.

I am the witness to the darkness that lingers within your being.

I am the shadows of the muddied ravine distanced and bleeding.

I am the wounds that never seem to heal that lay open, throbbing.

I am the pulse that weaves effortlessly the rhythms of our lives.

I am your tears. I am your fears. I am your stolen child within.

I am your purity. I am your surety. I am the story-line spoken.

An unending token or your heart, mind, and soul. I am a poet.

I am the word’s streamlined on this page, for you to read.

A brush of the thing’s we lay hold of expressed in prose.

I am a walk in distance of time; a never ending rhyme.

Yet, the footprints are but a fading trace of you and I.

In time to erase what we know. I am your poet.

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