Come on, let’s travel!

by Colly

Image, Shutterstock

train travel

Come on, let’s travel!

Take me to the Milford valley,

in New Zealand, where Russell Lupins

bloom effortlessly.  Whisk me away

to this purple brigade.

Come on, let’s travel!

Come on, let’s travel!

Manhattan’s skyline’s sure to cry,

“leisure neath this orbit outline.”  The

darkening dusk of twilight keeps

viewers, up, sleepy eyed.

Come, let’s travel!

In spring, Japan’s cherry

blossoms are blooming.  This pink

canopy is so inviting; will it not

mesmerize the eyes?

Come, let’s travel!

Come on,

you haven’t packed yet?

Let’s go…let’s go now!

Let’s travel!

Nay, I’m afraid I’m

stuck right where I am.

But I want to travel!

6 Comments to “Come on, let’s travel!”

  1. Aw! Just when I thought you were taking me with you, you backed out! Oh, well that is what computers are for!

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