Seamless Tapestry

by Harry

Submitted by zaroffpoetry

PT Cruisers fuse
through time
the now El Caminos
pullin’ through casinos
valets sort those wooden panels
into tidy lines
Licking gas pump handles
like supermodels
crossing divided highways
on wings
gas fumes

lit up like airport runways
raking me across the coals

& you’re just as tacky
set like a craft bin
rubber stamp
with a stagnant ass
that cannot help
but leave inessential impressions

tasting cheap glue seals
on envelopes
Confetti is the Venereal Disease
of arts and apparition

Nobody waits with
over-salted casseroles
Just storage unit-smelling
of Patterson novels
for you to snuggle up with
when you come back

your projectile perfect life
packed in a 5×10 box
broken China plates
ROM cartridge’s cramped

living in motel rooms
just like high school
tricks turned on the terrace
doing stadium runs
until your lungs explode
“Collaboration w/AtoMikbomb from Deep Underground”


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