by thereluctantpoet


By Charles Robert Lindholm 

In the silence of the night
in the wee small hours
I still hear your voice
whispering to me
and I feel your warmth
in my heart and my soul
and my body yearns for you
to be here beside me again
holding me tight in your arms
like you always did 

I am not a broken hearted lover
dreaming of what might have been
yearning for what ifs and maybe’s
in fantasy dreams that won’t ever come true 

I am a soulmate and kindred spirit
that lived a fantasy life with you
one that did come true
when you said, “I do” 

I have a treasure chest
of memories begging
to be replayed over and over again
and I do play them
and love them
each night
when they come back to me
in dreams
and after waking
in the darkness
in the silence of the night
when I still hear your voice
whispering to me
of your love 

I long for the time
when I have no more time
that I have to spend
here on this earth
exiled away from you 

I still hear your voice
and know that you love me
but I want the sweet reunion
promised of a never ending forever
with you, my beloved soulmate
and the blessed joy of
heaven in your arms

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved
Inspired by Nirja Gelal’s – “I Still Hear It” on WordPress.com



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