by thereluctantpoet

By Charles Robert Lindholm 

It’s the kiss of death
to your dreams
and your hopes,
to new love
and adventure 

an instant thought
that explodes
in your mind
killing off this
and killing off that
anything new
it can find 

the chain
that holds you
firmly in place
to the rut
you have chosen
so you can’t
run in the race 

spewing out reasons
at the speed of light
as it buries the truth
afraid that you might
believe in something
that’s different than
the way things have
always been 

A deadly killer
known by many names
but they are just aliases
he hides behind 

He whispers
in your dreams at night
he’s the shadow
you won’t dare to fight 

Don’t let him kill
your dreams
your hopes,
new adventures
and new love 

His real name is
and he’s a killer
so stop and destroy him
with some courage
and three words 


Copyright © Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved



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