The Dream

by Harry

Submitted by Ed Ehren


Imagine a day, lets say in mid June
Just before morning becomes afternoon
You see a flash and then hear a boom
As a storm has arrived or one will very soon
As the branches blow off of the trees
You feel as safe as safe could be
Either sitting at home watching TV

Or out having brunch with a party of three
As the hail bounces off of the ground
And the leaves wantonly blow around
A clap of thunder makes a sound
That is heard by the entire town
Followed by a brilliant flash
Like one says they see before they pass
And the peace those people say they feel
Just before they die
And move on to the winter rains
Or the snow in the month of July
Can be traced back to the word
With which this poem begins
Because anything can happen
When one imagines it did

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