Poem of the Day – Slide in Passing Light

by paturnerlee

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Slide in Passing Light


Stripped of guns, the shots no longer biting:

Exciting only to the man counting the money.

The neighbours’ wealth dripping in calumny.

Some will see

A doubting Thomas built in me


Life chuckles; like babbling brooks billowing with weeds

Swaying like thoughts in a windy tunnel;

A funnel for decorative ideas

Free as the night surfing swallows

Heading for a temperature

Swerving a void; a brick wall: a gallows


Barking orders

Cut short

Just breathing

A slight reminder of the time that’s left.


Best step forward; awkward in its reach

To those who must be waiting for readers

Bleeders of creative minds

Aligned to companies shallow vision

The pocket fillers

Not stockings

But islands with shallow inlets

To catch the tide

Feed the moment


November 27th 2017

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright

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