The Pendulum..

by Sandeep

From this extreme
To that
The pendulum swings.

It may seem that
The pendulum stops only at extemes,
But, it’s a fallacy.
The stops are many.
The time at each stop
Outside the extremes
Is only shorter and imperceptible.

Each stop in between is preparing
To reach an extreme.
At each extreme
The journey for the other has begun.
Going away from one
Is coming back to it,
Going towards another
Is running away from it.

The pendulum is meant to swing.
It can’t be that the
Journey to the extremes
Can come to an end.
If it’s ever that the pendulum
Cited fatigue,
Or, cried to stop,
It’s a facade.
For either it’s only an extreme,
Initiating momentum towards another,
Or, a stop on its journey
That would any way take it
To this end or that.

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