Counting on the farm

by Colly


Image, Shutterstock


On the farm I see a barn

From inside eight, pink, piglets squeal.



They are waiting for a meal.



On the farm I see a, small, chicken coop.

Every morning mother collects farm fresh eggs.

She reaches under the, sleepy, hens as they rest.

Their bed’s, of hay, is warm and plump!

No wonder those hens cluck lazily!


The chickens get loud when I try to help, too. As ruffled, brown, feathers fly!

Mother makes sure she finds every egg laid today in the chicken coop.

There is ten, white, eggs all-together found – great!





Now, on the farm I see two horses – Sassy and Ginger!

They are hungry and thirsty.

I offer them an apple, a-top my hand.

My hand is straight. My finger’s stay together and lay flat.

That’s important as they could accidentally bite my hand or fingers!

It’s a little scary as they reach over the, barbed wire, fence to take my apple.

At the water pump I fill a, large, grey, bucket with water.

Once full, down the slop I go to their fenced corral.

But I have trouble lifting the bucket over the fence.

No one is there to help me as water spills out.

Only a little bit of water, in the bucket, is left for them to sip.

Sassy, she looks mad!



Once at the open feeder, I pitch fork some hay.

I take only as much as they’ll need to eat.

And maybe more than what I should have.

A big scoop full is hoisted over the fence.

It lands on the ground near one of them.

The next pile, of hay, is put about five feet away from the last pile.

But Sassy decides she needs both piles – not just one.

Do you think she’s being greedy and mean? Yep, she’s being nasty!

Ginger, she is very mild and gentle.

When Sassy decides Ginger is getting too much of my attention she tries to kick her with her hoofs!

And then she kicks in the barn because she’s angry!

Boards break off and land on the ground!

You’re a bad horse Sassy!

Once the horses have settled a bit I feed them oats from off of my hand.

Again, my fingers and hand’s stay flat and straight!



Now it’s time to check on the rabbits…

(will add more later; time for my eggs & toast.)


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