Old Dog

by Alanna

Dougie at Beach

Twelve years of observation

and you know my moods and intentions

without a word being spoken

It’s the landscape of the body

And of the eyes

And maybe a bit of telepathy

You and I intertwined in a cross species dance


You are bound to me like the moon to the earth

And I to you like a tree to a limb

Four legs to two legs

Fur to furless


As your face whitens with age

And your eyes hollow

I know we have measured time

But for now


Walk with me on these country roads

Let me feel your warm presence

By my side

My steady companion

In this tenuous world


as also seen on by alannapass.com


5 Comments to “Old Dog”

  1. Beautiful

  2. What a lovely poem. I too have measured time with a beloved dog – he’s getting old and we make the most of our time together.

  3. Beautiful!

  4. So well expressed, love !!

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