by thereluctantpoet

By Charles Robert Lindholm

Don’t read me aloud
for others to eavesdrop
and overhear
what is only meant
for your heart
and soul
to know

I was never intended
for your ears
to hear
my heart
whispering to yours

The tender thoughts
and feelings
I have for you
and what I want
to do about it
were only meant
for those
and mesmerizing
eyes of yours
to read

Don’t read me aloud
for I have bared
my soul to you
in such an
intimate way
that it would be
cruel of you
to expose me
and my words for you
to the world
so they can
gawk and judge
because their ears
the sound of
your voice
and they listened
to my heart
speaking to you
from my words
on paper

You have found me
and loved me
and I have loved
you in return

Don’t read me aloud
to those who don’t care
to those who won’t
love me the way you do

You can whisper
my name to those
who you trust
to love and adore me

But please,
Don’t read me aloud
to those who
don’t know me
and love me
like you do

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved
A Poem For My Words!
There is power in words, but for me, words written on paper are the ones I seem to treasure most for I can actually hold them to my heart!

Inspired by a seed of inspiraton from Tetiana’s “a True poem” on

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