Poem of the Day – Beams of Treasure

by paturnerlee

PTL painting now on


Beams of Treasure


Pencil driven

Scrubbing imagination

Again rattling in tins

While chins wag with auspicious ideas.


Sea surfing whispers;

In wind chattering shivers.


Bleeding soaked prisms leaking light

A sight for tear soaked lovers

Another fantasy broken by truly dealt cards

Shards of glass puncturing arteries unguarded hearts.


Slide on ice into a crashed car ambulance flashing disaster

A truths memory bright.


A fight to keep away the sobbing distressed diaphragm from shaking with emotion

Just a commotion caused by claws hanging in memories hallway.


Revel for the rockets stick is broken

Whilst the flaming star rotates endlessly on a broken branch

A stance held in vacuum to secure its understanding

A grand introduction to birth


A living lurch to continue

With every sinew

Gripping the side

Of the sinking ship



November 10th 2017

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright




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