by thereluctantpoet

By Charles Robert Lindholm

Some things are hard to say
filled with deep emotions
and feelings
that are aching
in your heart

and you worry
they may leave
a stain on your soul
if you don’t
get the words
and feelings out

You should always
tell someone who
loves you
that you love them too!
tell them how much you
adore them
how much they mean to you
don’t leave those words unspoken

But there are words
that you should
leave unspoken
as hard as it may be
to keep silent
and leave the words

Even when it means
you are keeping secrets
or hiding the truth
or even lying

it’s hard to know
if you should speak
or keep silent

Does the other person
need to know
is it for their benefit
that you want to speak
or your own

You have choices
that may have lifetime
when you have a dilema
and emotional issues
to face

Does the other person
have a right to know
would they really
want to know
if you gave them
the choice

A terminal illness
stirring up emotions
and feelings that you shouldn’t
an affair
secrets that should remain

You can’t be spineless
and weak
when it comes to
leaving things unspoken

You have to have strength
and courage
to keep your sins and secrets
unconfessed and unforgiven

Don’t kill the love
of those who have cared
with words you think
must be shared

leave those words unspoken
and live with what you can’t tell
wounding words and secrets
that would put another through hell
leave those words

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved


5 Comments to “LEAVE IT UNSPOKEN”

  1. I Agree in Principle, sometimes it can mess with the head. Honesty although A Painful one is the Best Policy. With tact.

    • Well, most of the time but there are times, very important times, when silence or omission and even a lie is better than destroying the emotional state and trusting heart of another? It is a hard choice.

  2. Wouldn’t you Agree? ☺it depends I guess.

    • I guess I’m saying if something you have done is not something you are going to do again, but making a confession of your past act would destroy your spouse then making a confession is really a cowardly means of taking the guilt off the mind of the “sinner” while destroying and hurting a spouse.

      I am sure there are other situations where it is actually a more honorable thing to keep silent rather than cause unneeded pain to another??? Just Me.

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