by thereluctantpoet

By Charles Robert Lindholm

Is there another side of me?
I wonder and pretend
I don’t already know
the answer to that question

Like the kid with his hand
firmly stuck in the cookie jar
with the quizzical look
on his face and a demur
“who me” escaping his lips

Is there another side of me
another side of you?
a darkside hiding
in the darkness
out of view
not an evil side
just an unseen side
of me and maybe you

I have felt it for years
with an inner force
that pulls like the full moon
upon the waves
crashing against the shore
at high tide
and then subsiding
back into reality

My soul
knows the pull
of the darkside of me
the part that lives free
like a gypsy
but one that still
has a home
to come back to each
when the dreams
have ended
and the fantasies
are over

Is it wrong
that I commune
with the darkside
of my soul
and indulge
in dreams
and dance with Muses
that whisper to me
and let me hear
their voices

Is it wrong
that I love it
and that sometimes
it bleeds over
into reality
and I bring back
the words I have heard
and feel in my heart?

Is there another side of me,
another side of you
that remains hidden
on the darkside
in the dreams of the night
or in daydreams
that sneak into the light?

and I cannot give it up
I cannot stop imagining
and listening
and wanting
to dance with my muse
and listen to the whispers
in my ear,
to hear the words
given to me
that I write down
on paper
with my pen

Do not ask me
to deny
the other side of me
the side that loves
the stillness
and silence
of the night
and the dreams
and fantasies
that come
in the darkness
with gifts
from my muse

gifts of words
that I can
use to paint
the wonders
that I feel
and see

There is a darkside
an unseen
part of me
that is who I am
and is loved by me
I will not surrender
the other side of me

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved
Thanks to MKVECCHITTO for inspiration from her “Perfect Partners” on Steps Times Two. Please visit her site and see if she inspires you.


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