by thereluctantpoet

By Charles Robert Lindholm 

She was a candle in the wind
that brighten up
the darkness of the night
with the light she
brought into my life 

She warmed my heart
with her flame
as it flickered
and fluttered
inside her soul
and protected me
from the cold
and lonely
winters of life 

My days were always
brighter with her
by my side
and for me
the sun could
not compete
with her 

A candle in the wind
that flickered
and fluttered 

A Flickering Soul
a beautiful flame
that I shall
love forever 

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved
Inspired by Niharika Jaiswal’s poem “Wormhole” on Opinionatedhead.com




14 Comments to “A FLICKERING SOUL”

  1. This is so beautiful… and to think my poem could inspire something so wonderful like that makes my day. 🙂

    • Your words and poems are wonderful – why would you doubt that you don’t leave seeds of inspiration for Gleaners like me in your works?? So happy it made your day. The birth of this poem from your little seed of inspiration made my day and more!

      I have had a request to read this at the service for a friend’s wife! You helped make my life as a poet!!!! Thank you so much for inspiring this poem and for your views and comments!!!

      • Oh, that is so wonderful to to know. Wish I could tell you how amazing it feels to read this today. And Sir, you are no gleaner, your poem is the real deal! 🙂

    • My Dear N! Just wanted to thank you for this lovely gift that came to me via You and your words! You have truly blessed me! Have a Happy New Year and Best Wishes and Blessings to You and yours with happiness, health, prosperity and inspiration!!

      • Thank you so much Chuck, your kind wishes mean a lot to me! I Wish you and yours a beautiful year full of joy, adventure, love, peace, inspiration, fulfillment, and growth.

        Sending you love,

    • And I wish you love and happiness for 2018 too! Looking forward to your posts!!!

  2. A beautiful sentiment, Chuck!

    • So glad you enjoyed this, Dwight!! I was honored to read this (my first public recitation) at the passing of a friend’s wife not long ago. It does pull at the heartstrings!! Thanks so much for this comment and all of your others! I sincerely appreciate your consistent support for my words and me!!

      Hope you have a Happy New Year and Best Wishes and Blessings to you and yours with happiness, health, prosperity and inspiration!!!

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