Down In The Dungeon

by Harry

Submitted by Peter M Burns


Down in the dungeon where the
Black rats play,
Spiders decide which webs
They will spin
For prey,
As slugs slowly
Munch their way,
Through the detritus of the day.

Skeletons haunt
This dark dank place,
Nightmares taunt
And rattle their chains,
As ghouls fly
And give chase
To those who stray,
Into this mysterious space.
Earwigs dress in harsh attire,
As fireflies build
Their satanic pyres.
Worms and beetles
Join to dance
Round the fire,
In banshee chilling screams,
Evoking images and
Hideous dream,
While welcoming all
Who dare
To call,
To trick or treat,
Aware tonight
All spectres gather to,
Celebrate and greet,
The Ritual,
That is Halloween.


One Comment to “Down In The Dungeon”

  1. Dark and mysterious. Interesting poem.

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