by Frank Hubeny

Ravens told me my Lenore
Was dead. I said, “I know.”
That’s why I’ve blocked my chamber door.
I’ve had my fill of birds before,
But now their rapping comes once more.
Perhaps there’s hope for poor Lenore?
If not those birds can go.

I am linking this to Jilly’s Challenge in honor of Poe’s The Raven and dVerse Quadrille hosted by De Jackson (WhimsyGizmo) where the prompt word is “hope”.

63 Comments to “Ravens”

  1. Oh, YES. Loves me some Poe. This is wonderful.

  2. This is great combo of Poe… and those ravens sounds so ominous (though I really like ravens)

  3. Frank, this just made me laugh & I love the sound cloud. Thanks for the connect on this, too. Out, out, damned birds! No, wait, wrong poet…

  4. Poe ho(pe) Nicely done Frank. New blog?

  5. It took me a second to recognise Poe. Good write!

  6. Love the reading Frank ~ The Poe-inspired poem is a stellar and unique response ~

  7. Nothing like a bit of Poe!

  8. I love the way you pull the rug out from under that gothic horror. Great stuff.

  9. This was a delightful diversion, Frank!

  10. Hope… on a wing and a prayer. Okay, maybe just the prayer. To hell with the wings, already! Loved it. Laughed at it; and felt the pang as well.

  11. I love the clever flip on Poe’s despair.

  12. I always wonder what will happen when the raven comes to call.

  13. A fitting tribute to Poe and Hope!

  14. Even better when you listen to it!

  15. I love take-offs on the raven;. That was great! Thanks Frank.. I’ve seen enough birds too, especially on my car

  16. Goodness, you had fun with this one–just a poe-boy from a poe-family, right? Levity, darkness & rhyme; cool.

  17. Ok truth..,I went and listened to the poem. Since when should we listen to ravens? Isn’t there a hunting season? Great poem Frank!

  18. Fun write and audio, Frank! Still feel for poor Lenore…

  19. LOVE this take on Poe’s Quoth the Raven, Never More. So glad to learn there is hope for Lenore 🙂

  20. I think it’s save to hope that Poe would appreciate your efforts here. 😉

  21. A wonderful combination of the prompt(s)–hope and The Raven.

  22. A bit of Poe never goes amiss. I like what you did here with this rejiggering!

  23. Poe-fectly done! Nice combination of prompts, Frank.

  24. Poe-tics. Never say nevermore!

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