One More Burned Out and Innocently Gone

by K. T. Dibert

There’s miles ‘till dawn –

Even the moon’s moving on.

Another day, another song;

One more burned out and innocently gone.

friends arrive and friends depart;

inevitably, these things fall apart

when your lovers fail to stay sober,

you don’t notice fragility of life ‘till it’s over,

while you plead, teary-eyed, for one more start

to fix the wrongs that bled out your heart

a plethora of days spent waiting out the rain

as you idle, trading the beauty for the pain,

thinking the dope-less days lasted forever,

but days extended to short years, chasing whatever;

wasting everything just to drunkenly maintain

asserting that the drugs are only medicine to stay sane

guilty consciences, skulls full of desire and regret

aware of a bankruptcy within yourself, an emotional debt

to those who loved hard, yet no way for them to be repaid,

you just are torn between trying to rebuild, or to simply fade,

but you continue to drive toward the dying sunset

only hoping to erase bad memories and finally forget

all the times you awoke startled on someone’s couch

after wild nights became normal, likewise to be louche,

you refuse to quit, are lost and won’t take directions

with an aversion to mirrors, frightened of the reflection;

you’re too scared to tally the mistakes to its true amount

as you shy away from reckoning and the sermon on the mount


3 Comments to “One More Burned Out and Innocently Gone”

  1. And, I am sorry that the formatting isn’t correct; there should have been a space after the four opening lines, and then spacing after every sixth line…

  2. 23 years of my life just flashed before me reading your incredible poetry. So well written and so relateable! I’m amazed 🙂

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