Autumn’s Scenery

by Colly


Autumn is here…

with a crispness in the air.

And your breath lingers there.

Leaves are turning..

many colours to be found.

Lingering on the ground.

Only to be picked up by

a brisk breeze.

Fires are burning…

Wafts of smoke plume, airborne.

Following maples bright laden bough.

Ice-rain collects on these now.

The earth softens, rests from toil.

Whiteness is seen…but not enough

to winter the scene.

Wetness drenches everything…

Autumn is here…

7 Responses to “Autumn’s Scenery”

  1. So lovely. Even people who live in those parts of the world where autumn is not very pronounced can experience it with this poem.

  2. Colly, this is such an elegant and exquisite description of everything that makes Autumn so wonderful and my favorite season! This is so beautiful and an awesome post!!

  3. Reblogged this on The Reluctant Poet and commented:

    Come and visualize the beauty of Autumn in Colly’s exquisite poem “Autumn’s Scenery”


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