by Harry



Struck by fear!
Nah! Not me.

The hideous ants furrowing around sugar candy
The obnoxious locust crawling in the savannah
Ah! The goose bumps are common. Not my fear!

The offensive cockroach sprinting over leftovers
The spineless lizard nesting over the wall
Are a housewife’s nightmare. Not my fear!

The charming slithering snakes in the thicket
The snarling tigers playing games of prey
Are a ranger’s fun. Not my fear!

Men painted dark and oiled to rob mortals
Queer men parading isolated lanes for a weak victim
Are a wanderer’s noose. Not my fear!

The flowing white robes of nocturnal devils
The guffawing witches hanging from marooned trees
The night traveller wets his pants. Not my fear!

While the erudite me chortled at ‘fear’
The silent winds burst and
A tiny, blue polythene crept from behind.

It shook the winds out of me
The sudden surreptitious polythene bag
Whispered without words. Fear is innate!

Like an old man’s tale –
Fear is the Emperor!
To be revered. To be venerated.

Fear from the scent of falsehood!!!
Fear before embracing injustice!!!

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