Care, if you want, else…

by Tanya

When I wish
to talk my heart out,
you stood right there
to hear me out..

All I could say
wasn’t all, as
neither I could complete
nor could you hear enough..

For all that time,
you stood right there
though for me but
never would you hear..

For you were so engrossed,
so deeply engraved,
in listening to those
which were mere disturbances..

Those talks over phone,
Those call-outs from unknowns,
mattered more than my words
which you never heard..

For those mere disturbances
were your priorities
And I guess, there,
I was the odd one out..

“For those like us
who live miles apart
a conversation means more
than just mere exchange of words..”

This, I reiterated
not just once,
but I believe
you are well off 
without just me and done..!

If this persists,
then that day is not far,
when you and I
would be sitting across..
When you would be
trying to hear just two
amidst all the chaos,
which would be a lovely conversation
between me and my only one!


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3 Comments to “Care, if you want, else…”

  1. Good one Tanya.. Loved reading it

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