Waves on Repeat

by Colly


Waves on Repeat

Swimming, splashing, diving, rolling with the wave, floating, boating,

going to where it takes…

and all in a matter of seconds it’s gone.

Silent then is the moon, the sky, the sombre eyes.

Waves on Retreat

On day’s when the sun lap’s the wave,

under azure sky.

The field’s are green, following

lines of yellow dandelion,

and mother’s are giving

birth to their young.

Oh, what a time is this!

Sultry eyes adorn the morn

when one is newly born,

in the night.

As newlywed’s find a bed

adorned with roses full,

and lush…rich in colour.

But quiet is the night that lay here this eve.

Deep in darkest day I hold my head up anyway.

Rejoicing in what may,

As life gives birth so

often it takes…

But none the less one

should be crying…

for life is what one makes.

Waves on Repeat


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