Poem of the Day – Trapped in Tins

by paturnerlee

Trapped in Tins


Skin flints the lot of them

Too tight for their trousers

Hows’ they got the nerve; or even deserve

A listening post

The most gifted whistle blower: who’d know her flashing teeth


Fractured bones pickled in gin soaked dramas

Pyjamas dripping with freshly cooked jam

A damn cracked jug that split the table

Enable some comfort to the jagged angle

Caught the muscle below

Below the knee

A cuddle from the country

Fraught with mixtures of obtuse lies

Eyes all on the broken mist between the mountain and the lone wolf


A gulf between the questions; with answers clasped in iron-like fists

Let’s insist on another fallen from grace proposal

Exposed all of the racquet tears; after hitting him on the side of the head

He bled

He must be dead or at least breathing

A last




September 18th 2017

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright

paturnerlee.com – Etsy shop link on website – check out Xmas gifts




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