by thereluctantpoet

By Charles Robert Lindholm 

I cannot write in cursive
when I write poetry,
when I write about you
and the life we had 

I have to print slowly
and steadily
as the feelings
and emotions
roll over my soul again,
like a new tsunami
every time I write about us
in a new and different poem 

I have to hold my hand steady
through the wave of tears
and the aftershocks
of a life changing earthquake
in my heart
and life
that ended us 

my hand shakes
and wavers
when I try to write
about you
and us 

my words end up
looking like the scribbled lines
of a child
with no meaning
to anyone but me
if I attempt
to write in cursive
so I have to print
each letter
and each word
in order for a reader
to feel my feelings
and understand
what my heart
wants to say 

I cannot write
in cursive
when I write

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

Inspired by Vyen’s poem “She Is The Poem” on Poetsalbum on WordPress.com  Thank you for your little seed of inspiration to me.


  1. I love the intensity of this poem. The pain, the passion beautifully captured. Thank you for leading me here. I visited your page and was blown away both by your work and the work you shared.

  2. Man this is just lovely!!! Awesome work!!

  3. “my words end up
    looking like the scribbled lines
    of a child
    with no meaning
    to anyone but me”

    Such innocent stroke of thoughts 😄

  4. Writing in cursive is overrated in my opinion.

  5. Your poems are so amazing.. I just find myself absorbed in them while reading…

    • So sorry, I missed this earlier! I so appreciate your comment and that you are enjoying what I have written! That cheers up this Little Ol’ poet! I hope you will continue to find my words worthy of your precious time!!

  6. Great poem Chuck. I can certainly understand that feeling. That is why we have laptops. just donig get the tears down in the keys!

  7. The way things are going our grandchildren will not be able to write in cursive either!!

  8. Ha! You are too funny, but right! Thanks for going through my Archive!

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