by dharkanein

You’ve got all what I want,

I lost everything looking for you,

My heart still wanders in search,

But only you can give what I desire.

What you did was not good,

Though we shared the magic; I was again the looser,

But in that loss; I outshine,

Everything you have.

‘Cause depth of love you can’t take,

No one in the world can love you the way I do,

For me the way to love you; is madness,

No other way I understand.

At the end of the day you will know, love!

And I pray you’ll turn fully to me,

Then I will sing sweet nothings ,

As love will conquer all oddities.


Till then I am waiting with my heart missing beats now and then.

4 Comments to “You”

  1. This poem is great. I wish it had been written about me by my ‘one’. Sweet madness indeed

  2. you are forgetting the tags

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