I’ve fallen in Love with every thought of you

by Harry

Submitted by zaroffpoetry


You’re scent is gone now
gravity kicks me to the floor
far, far away from the knocker on my broken burgundy door
you’re punk rock image
strings unplayed
black leather jacket and fishnets foraging
you’re jagged style stapled to the wall
posters of the preachers with lyrics to preach
swinging switchblades in the mirror
drunk on white pills from blister packs in the mind
image junkie saviour shaking
savour the time we had
make me a disciple in the temple that is you
you’re eyes blue as the clearest skies
clouds beaten to death in a back narrow ally way
long walks down Kyoto roads
you’re too much of a shut in sometimes
bicycle rides under a green canopy of trees
metal mesh wire fence to cage you in
with but a single word singing
break the worlds crumbling
bleed the sun from magma red
harvest a rise in me
golden as the scarecrows sour face
scythe in shaking hands
loaded gun gone off the deep end
8 foot counting and drowning
grating grains of horror at the witching hour
you’re my witch, i’m your hour
percent by volume is never high enough
winged German gypsy
granting wishes and dreams
tearing from your own feathers exposes tattoos
falling faster from the darkness that chases
rolling up my white cuffs and sleeves
it’s going to be a long night


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