Burning Star of Love

by Harry

Submitted by Samnessofself


Man and women, we are like stars our light is bright and the other
just wants to jump inside!
We are hot like a furnace, smouldering over with love for the others
Or a are we like moths to the flames!
Born of some other sun, embellished in some other reign.
Or are we as children of god and as flames do, as these flames do,
do we merge brighter unified?

Where is my playmate, where is my life?
Who will be my Knight, who will be my wife.
How is it that 1 drop of me alone finds nothing in the ocean.
how is it that forgotten lies penetrate where truth resides.
Perhaps this is an ending, in death do us depart.
Perhaps this is the beginning, a solace in the end.

A lovers plight, perhaps a woe buried under rifts of snow.
A morning kiss from the lips of my goddess an undulated heaven in
one eternal moment, and the next gone, buried in the lake of stars,
consolidated in the night.
There bound and tied in heavens arms I sleep, unable to escape, unable to
even try, unable to even want to attempt anything that might cause a ripple in the sand. Postulated like a beggar – crying at society’s tit, calling to the waves of no-mans crowd for a penny or a pound.

Burning in the ground, burning in the sky, these flames grow higher with their sacred fire.

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