A String of Acrostics

by Venkat

Acrostic Poem – SWITCH

6th Sep 2017

Switch these eyes
Wild and naked
Into my uncertain lust
To make walls of breath
Carry my eyes, into them
Halved by moans

Acrostic Poem – GENTLE

5th Sep 2017

Gentle be thy grip
Ease fingers on words
Nails grow on ends of desires
Truths nailed are truths no more
Lost are those very moments
Effulgent in arms, now cold on nails


Acrostic Poem – TRUTH
4th Sep 2017
Take me to the deepest darkness
Raise me to the Saturn’s rings
Unfold in me the fires of love
Turn me into the night’s song
Hold me ever on the edge of truth


Acrostic Poem – PROMISE

3rd Sep 2017

Pearls on my sand
Ride me to the seas
Over the horizon
Mermaids on my sand
Inundate me in peace
Sail to the one waiting
Eagerly on my promise


Acrostic Poem – PAINT

1st Sep 2017

Papers they fly out the window,
Airlifting memories into sands
Inked pieces of heart, unspoken
Nail the flowers, I now miss
Trails of love, now paint these tears


Acrostic Poem – DREAM

31st Aug 2017

Dream do they?
Roses and lilies
Endure do they?
Age and rains
Made for bloom, they live and die


Acrostic Poem – VISION

30th Aug 2017

Victories are made
Inside the nimble mind
Sunk in the honey of love
In hard coats of understanding
On battlefields which never exist
Not even in the mind


Acrostic Poem – BUTTON

29th Aug 2017

Blow my fears away
Undo my tears of past
Touch this heart of feathers
Tumble into my world
Out to be in the wild and free
Naked as spirits unbottoned


Acrostic Poem – PARDON

28th Aug 2017

Please, my Lord
Alleviate, from my sin
Remorse, I now wear
Defamed, crawl my legs
Outcast, astray
No home, but your feet

Acrostic Poem – MARKET

27th Aug 2017

Millions they flock
All around the lake
Reaching over, necks up
Kneeling down, to pick
Eternal echoes of voices
To make lives run


Acrostic Poem – PENCIL

26th Aug 2017

Pointed rays of thought
Enter windows of time
Nuancing shades of feelings
Curling another page
Into new alleys
Laid by a patient hand

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