Dance in the moonlit night

by dharkanein

In the moonlit night 

We dance to the tune of heartbeats

The daffodils and red roses scatter scent

The fire flies sparkle the moment

The soothing music of crickets

Cool breeze of spring in the garden

What else can we ask for a perfect date

just you and me holding each other

the love tangle

I see compassion in your eyes

I rest my head on your shoulder

We keep moving to the rhythm of shadowy trees

Only other sound is our breaths

not a word is spoken but 

All is understood

You and me

Like two swans dancing in the pool

Soft grass under the feet 

A feel not a costliest carpet can give

I wish I could drench in  your musculine smell

your short subtle breath ruffles my hair

your lazy movements and carefree attitude 

The warmth of your nearness and the secure feeling

Where the dream and reality meet

Oh! how I wish this could go on and on 


5 Comments to “Dance in the moonlit night”

  1. Reblogged this on The Militant Negro™.

  2. It was a very satisfying post to read. I could imagine it all.

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