Finding Colors on the Farm

by Colly

(personal photo)





It’s morning on the farm.


Inside the red barn yellow hay bales stack high.

Inside the round, brown, corral horses neigh.


Our blue car takes us far down twisty turns on country roads.


Along fenced pasture-land cows graze on green grass.


And sunny, yellow, sunflowers are plentiful – there are many.


Row on row of, green, corn stalks grow in open fields.

Inside a corn husk yellow nibble-ts show.


Ripened, red cherries are picked off the trees.

And purple plums fill small, round, baskets.


Many people pick strawberries, in the country, to make yummy jam.

Jars of red jam look pretty when they’re canned.


Once apples ripen, on the trees, they’re picked to make apple pie.


Today we stop at the “Country Eggs Here” sign.


Brown and white feathered chickens greet us.

They click-cluck all a-round.

A colorful rooster walks past.

I ask to see the farmer’s, eight, pink piglets newly born last week.

As they nestle close to mother pig,

they grunt – squeal and wiggle their curly tails.



Mom buy’s two dozen, white, eggs from the chicken farmer.


One – two – three   Four – five – six

Seven – eight – nine    Ten – eleven – twelve


Along the road an orange construction sign makes us wait.

As workers fix a hole in the road.

We circle around them when we go.

Good-bye Good-bye!



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