Untainted Grace

by carareevablog

Her head held high, wearing her crown with dignity

Proud of the woman she claimed to be

Carefree of all of life’s mishaps

Life happened to her in a split second

Dragging her pride and her head down with it

As her head continued to hang low the crown started to slowly slip off her head

The once sparkling jewels became a testament of her demise

The mist that rose from her sorrow as the cold tears hit her hot cheeks

Tainted her crown, filling it with rust that clung to the hinges of her heart

So she mumbles her third apology

For the two different nights

That she committed the same sin

And the guilt that consumes her is more fierce than the flames of Hades

She realizes that He is gracious enough to forgive her

But still weeps as she wonders if His untainted grace is not being abused

By the one who claims to dearly love Him


She knows His mercy triumphs over judgment

Thus she feels like she has put His mercy on trial now

A mercy so blameless and fervent that it chases her down

And countless times she runs from Him

Because she can’t even stand her own hypocrisy

But His love still finds her there

Buried in the deepest shells of her own guilt and shame

“Protected” by walls and gates she thought heaven could not breach

His hand reaches out for her and He softly calls her name “Beloved”

The tenderness in His voice fills her heart with so much warmth

She can’t help but shiver, shaking off the chills covering her icy heart

Then she finally takes the first step on her journey to restoration

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