Summer Rain

by Linda Lee Lyberg


Summer Rain

-Linda Lee Lyberg

Can you smell the summer rain
As it trickles, trickles, trickles down
Washing away the grime and stain
Appeasing the thirsty ground.

I view it through my window
It falls in pools, making wavy ripples
As the warm wind blows to and fro
The rain continues to trickle,trickle.


Dribbling down my window pane
I follow the path of every drop
As they slide down alone in vain
Into a puddle they plop, plop.


They form into a tiny pond
Each drop is no longer alone
The drops have formed a bond
And into a basin they’ve grown.



The essence of a summer shower
So tempting I want to drink and dip
My toes into the summer’s flowers
As through the delicate rain I skip.


My soul released, I shed my clothes
And dance in the gentle rain
I wash myself from head to toe
Cleansed and pure once again.


For nothing can ever compare
To dancing naked in the rain
I twirl and say a thankful prayer
For giving clarity to my brain.
Linda Lee Lyberg
Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash

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