Stone to bread

by carareevablog

I blamed you for months for my dismay

But what I didn’t realise is I had myself to blame

I had spent years waiting and praying

And in all those years I thought I was slaying

Kicking to the curb all the guys who tried their luck

Earning myself many horrible nicknames

This was until you came along

In the form of a great and cool friend

We had a lot in common but yet so different

We shared the same religion but different values

Danced to the same music but choreographed it differently

We believed in the same God but understood Him in parallel ways

We were looking at the same view

But our eyes were positioned on different angles

So we perceived and interpreted life in tangent ways

But I had been in the wilderness for too long

The thirst for company was now starting to choke me

And it didn’t help that you would always catch my attention

I would discover something new about you at every turn

That would blow my mind and move my heart

That’s how my heart started getting drawn to you

Like prey drawn to the beauty of a python

Not knowing that it would pay with its life

In this case my sanity was the price

The price I had to pay for turning stone to bread

I should have resisted the hunger and clung to my virtue

Cause now I have to go back into the wilderness

To find myself and lie on His altar again

But this time I won’t crawl off the altar,

I won’t give in to the hunger, the thirst or the loneliness

I will go through my wilderness knowing that He is with me

And I won’t turn stone to bread

8 Responses to “Stone to bread”

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  2. Thank you for this wonderful post. I love your words and the way you use them!

  3. welcome to posts corner and what a start


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