Truthful Hurts

by graypoet


It came as a surprise that things clicked
Maybe we were looking for a distraction
But emotions got involved and blossomed
Hard to deny that there was an attraction.
I dreamed.

We thought it might be a special connection
Two hearts melding, something meant to be
As I thought that it meant a new beginning
I found it wasn’t two, but we were three.
You denied.

Up and down we went thinking it could happen
I’d hear he was gone and get hopeful again
My heart healed only to be broken another time
He was still there, I asked, you hid it, even then.
I believed.

Maybe too much time has passed to fix things
Always I remember seeing that special smile
I only had to open my eyes and see how it was
Realizing that others saw it too, took me a while.
You lied.


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