Poem of the Day – Balls Over

by paturnerlee

Balls Over


Crystal gaze shattered with consequence

Underneath a table

A dog lies; telling stories

Breaking templates with broken heels

Fresh grown gowns smothering cream that the cat licked up


Bellows bursting drums in caverns

Crowned by frothy lather on gentleman’s over cast visions

A mishap to last

A bell made with garlic breath:


Letting a feather float with tapping moments

Crackling tubes busted in seizures.


Wild wind whispers

Comforting strings and basking dreams

Extremes with frozen lights gleaming

Steaming open letters;

Books binding beliefs


Streets a mass of events

Comments arriving from the standing

Anointed and bathed in baskets of flowers

Just hours before the beginning


A starting point of a new tell tale, gift wrapped question

Not to mention the rest of the wild card delivery

Ambivalent towards drifting schemes and schisms

Begging forgiveness for murderous intentions

Tension squeezing the living memories of crushed answers


Float to the top and picked out for examination.

A blossom



August 16th 2017

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright




2 Responses to “Poem of the Day – Balls Over”

  1. Great images. Really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing.


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