A “Getting Older And Wiser” Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

I am about to celebrate what I pray will be the first of many anniversaries with my beloved Seva. It has given cause for a little reflection and not the type that involves a mirror which I find myself now avoiding more and more.

Aging is one of the true paradoxes of Life. Aging is both hard and easy at the same time. The hard part has been losing loved ones, losing my hair, losing my teeth and having to take pills to pee. The easy part has been watching my daughter grow into the wonderful young woman she is today, not letting my body go to pot, and especially, not losing my sense of humor. And thinking about all that…and thinking how lucky I have been to have found my Gift From God after so much heartbreak… led to this….

As my 4th first anniversary draws near,
It has become abundantly clear
That I’ll never understand Fate,
But I know what makes Life great….
It’s LOVE that has gotten me to here!

5 Comments to “A “Getting Older And Wiser” Limerick”

  1. Reblogged this on The Militant Negro™.

  2. Lovely, Noodle! Well done!

  3. Simple is beautiful Joel.

    I have no greater compliment than saying don’t recall the difference of how fast and fluid read it BP and AP (P poetry)

    Wiser is your call 😛

    “Old man” , 2 more and you’ve beaten Jesus twice , No extra ball aside like he , right ?

  4. So about that pot thing…

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