The Cemetery

by Harry

Submitted by hitalot879


Like monasteries of old, you,
lie perched on a hillside near the village
You are mysterious, sombre & silent
yet there are no huge carved
Wooden doors flung open wide
to welcome weary travellers,
And you offer no bowl of soup
made from scraps garnered by begging friars
Your guests have no need of nourishment, only rest
I walk among your grey marble stones

to find names of neighbours, friends and family
I long to talk with them, see them, touch them
To share precious memories
You give me only cold statistics
born, died, father, child & wife
I cry in agony
You saints in this holy hospice
Can you not join me in a prayer,
a hymn or a final plea
One day I shall accept your hospitality
For I too will be in need of rest
I shall enter the open grave
like your soundless monks
Understand the mystery perpetrate the sombreness maintains the silence


3 Comments to “The Cemetery”

  1. Wow! What a thought-provoking piece.

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