Let me be your cursive

by Harry

Submitted by zaroffpoetry


Let me be your cursive
swing me along those pen strokes
pour your fingers and words over
water on the fire
shoot straight through me
revolver smoking

black ink rummaging
swing me for a wide loop
long cross those T’s
touched in all the right crossroads
dot those i’s high
let me feel your pressure
join my letters together
don’t break away
bleed me off the left hand margin if you need
slant to the right with your fair pale hands
delicate as the blue wind in your sails
space me as you please
take your treasured time with me
every minute with you is brazen
legible or not
flawless fountain pen
let me tear your thoughts
from that beautiful mind
pages flying
letters transition to words
i’ll always be here for you
pick me up where you left off
signature in my skin


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