Little Grey Girl

by Harry

submitted by Joanna Peña


There once was a little grey girl with a mother who had lost her head far before death
and a father who had lost his heart to this headless woman.

Not understanding the blood on the ground, the girl asked her papa what was wrong.

Regretting his decisions, the father tells her that Mama’s mind was nowhere to be found,
and that it had been for years.

Finally being told that the fits of red were not her fault, the little girl was relieved, but only to be destroyed in a different way.

Papa was hurting, and the little girl was hurting, and there became no father and no daughter.

There were just two people, the one who was called Papa telling the so called Little Girl of all that had ever made him grey.

And the little girl learned.

And Papa could be a little more okay than how he would have been if it wasn’t for the little girl.

And Papa became the last blanket that held Little Girl so that she was not so unbearably vulnerable in the incongruous tropical cold.

But then Papa was unravelled and the blanket was gone, and Little Girl was completely and utterly alone in the world that had turned completely black and white.

And there, she was always just the deepest shades of blue.

But Little Girl learned to love her blue, and made it far to where there was at least the possibility of color and honesty of name again.

But she fell and she fell and she fell and she realized that she had lost even her blue in a world so bright in color that it made her head a kaleidoscope in the most distressing of ways, and the rest of her grey all over again.

And now she is trying to find her own colors; trying to pick them out from the spinning mess of her colourful mind, and struggling to find a name for herself in a place more honest than she had ever been before.


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