by Nick Anthony

When I was young, you were invincible.
You were like Superman, but better
Because I had never seen evidence
Of a Kryptonite that might harm you.

You seemed to effortlessly
hold back the dangerous flood,
And fearlessly protected me
From ever encroaching reality.

But I began to grow up and notice
The cracks in your sterling armor show
As your concrete levees crumbled
Due to the erosive expansion of icy tears
Freezing as you cried,
Cold and hidden from our sight.

I saw whatever poison was weakening you
Become another burden bombarding the levee:
Constantly compelled to construct a facade
To shield it from those you love.

But you couldn’t hide the pills
That clouded the pain and crippling worry,
And no matter how strong you appeared,
I knew that cloud of pharmaceutical power
Helped to obscured your weakness
But hid my real hero from me.

For many years I couldn’t accept my Superman
Slipping down the degenerate slope of aging,
But time went on and you continued to wane,
While I continued to grow.

I saw your cracks had broken open
Into gaping holes of gushing water.
But I realized I didn’t require so much dry land anymore.
And though you began to let the flood flow,
Your remaining levees held resolute in stubborn opposition,
Fighting against the rising water:
Still struggling to protect your boy.

But I am not a boy anymore, I am grown.

And now that I’m grown,
The undertow of a tsunami,
Coming after years of Life’s hurricane
Having weathered my retaining wall,
Sends cold tendrils down my spine,
And I know the bravery it took
To stand alone against the rain,
Lashed to shreds by cold whipping wind,
And declare yourself unbeaten.

And now that I’m grown,
I can see green buds full of life
Slipping through your cracked concrete.
Fighting the dull fog of age with their vibrant beauty.

And now that I’m grown,
I see you for what you are:
Not invulnerable or unassailable,
but filled with the audacity to try
To prevail against adversity.
To triumph over unbeatable odds for those you love.

I’m sorry it took so long,
But now I am grown,
And I know you are invincible.

It’s been a while since posting anything. Thank you for reading. I hope this poem might help you in some way 🙂


5 Comments to “Invincible”

  1. It was a beautiful and emotional piece. I loved itm

  2. For our parents…I suppose…It is very emotional

  3. Brought tears to my eyes that I am trying to hide here at work. Thank you for posting this. I needed to read this in order to change my lens. I appreciate this more than you know. Thank you.

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