Knowing the Truth ~ A Duet

by Harry

Submitted by WetBliss


By Charles Robert Lindholm and Wet Bliss


I developed bad habits
Before I saw the patterns
To know I was an addict

But it wouldn’t have mattered anyway
I wouldn’t have been able to stop

Knowing the truth
wouldn’t have changed the fact
that I was addicted from the very first time
I just would have known what to call it

Copyright © 2017 Wet Bliss and Charles Robert Lindholm
I was honored by Chuck of The Reluctant Poet who was inspired by – “Hooked” to add additional lines,which produced this duet/remix.


7 Comments to “Knowing the Truth ~ A Duet”

  1. Thank you for publishing the post, Harry. I hope members and readers alike enjoy the write.

  2. It was such an honor to work with you on this duet! I’m looking forward to – More! Ha! Bellissimo WB

  3. How do you earn a copyright

    • Thanks for asking! You don’t have to earn a Copyright! Once you create a written work, fine art, photo and many other created works you have a copyright that extends to the end of your life and beyond. The problem, especially evident here on WordPress, is that if you do not attach a Copyright notice to written works in a format similar to this – Copyright (c) 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved (this is the copyright notice Microsoft puts on their stuff) you run an extreme risk of having what you created fall into the Public Domain.

      What is the Public Domain? Something you don’t want to have happen to your works. If your work is deemed to be in the Public Domain, because it was published to the public without a copyright notice, then anyone and everyone can use your work without royalty or permission or any control being able to be exerted by you.

      I have heard it said that WordPress offers copyright protection to your works. Well, here is the issue, do you want to risk losing ownership and control of what you have written just because you failed to put a proper copyright notice at the bottom of your work/post? Please put a copyright notice on your works. Search Google on the topic if you want to know more.

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