Poem of the Day – Cleaver assumption

by paturnerlee

Cleaver assumption


Blade: stand to attention

A building blasted and commended for its curves

Nerves tender with crowds of sniffers roaming the streets

Looking for adoration

Testing calls

Entering empty black holes

Now full of temperament


Not knowing decisions; collisions of pistols

Mysteries unfold burnt in the sand

A hand dealt by sensual card wielding magnates

Statements will be ready by the morning

Scorned in chirping bird whispers

Calling in the beleaguered captain


A dreamer

Condemned to a life of inaction

A troubled weary love less beating

Seating worn away to allow the water to flow ceaselessly


From eyes and tormented bug filled bed sheets

Complete in clasped anguish

A niche found for carving hearts




August 6th 2017

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright



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