by Harry

Submitted by zaroffblog


Seducer of sight
sending declarations of unsung love bright as the yellow sun
adorned in sharp thorns and broken thrones
cast down your shining heavens
faultless burning blue star
is it not me with who you confide jagged visions
infernal council awaits for no one

the golden thread cannot be cut without help
so walk with me through hanging lush gardens green
collecting mausoleums
spectre of lust cast out
have you not come to count the hours
stroll marble columns through the sinners
drown me in your divination rhetoric
deceiver of Eden
breathing fallen souls light
burning offerings on pyres of flesh
a minx as sweet as the milk and honey you spill
sleep no more for the wicked casts on shadows wings


One Comment to “Parallel”

  1. Haunting and evocative

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