Hearts will be mended

by Harry

Submitted by Peter
This poem is about the contrast between love and want
There are some things in life you don’t have to understand, you just leap to the eyes and take their hand, caress the feelings of one who holds you near, play loud with the demons whom you most fear.

Hearts will be mended, stolen and hurt, minds can be blended, and mixed in the dirt. This dirty old man only soiled to some bones, dreamers of hands that fix broken stones.

I’ll band aid your fingers when my fire is too hot, I’ll bring back the feelings that your mind has forgot.

In your womb I’ll reside when a baby is not there, on your skin I’ll abide when the razor blades tear. Patching and scratching and rubbing away the fearful talons of tearful array.

Lighting and writing the moon to your lips, pathing the walkways when your foot slips.

Whiting the blackness and smoothing the rough when your walls are too cracked for your hands touch.

Drawing your curtains when the light is too bright, pouring down happy in the long days of night.

Seeing your believing and resting your face on my hands not deceiving this beautiful place.


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