Godly Conversations…

by OrangeDilip


Me: Dear God…

God: Yes God

Me: You are the god!

God: Why do you think so?

Me: you created us. You are the ultimate source for this universe, the vigour for everything that ‘exists

God: No, you created you… You are God!

Me: I created me?

God: Of course… God!

Me: Who created you?

God: Me? We ain’t diverse

Me: Am not clear, alright… What after death?

God: Empty…

Me: Empty?

God: Yes, Empty.

Me: What is Empty?

God: Nothing… A State of vacuum. A Nullified Cognizance!

Me:  Let me put it this way, what is Death?

God: Death is a human construct… an illusion. It doesn’t exist.

Me: Can you enlighten?

God: ‘YOU‘ move out of your body.

Me: This is intricate, I move where?

God: Nowhere, you eject from the ‘physical dimension’.

Me: Still confusing!

God: Singularity…

Me: Hmm… How is life formed?

God: You create life! I already answered!

Me: Fine, What is the inception of life form?

God: Consciousness…

Me: Can you illuminate me?

God: Are you conscious?

Me: Yes

God: You answered your question!

Me: It’s twisting my head…

God: Juxtaposition of surrealism, illusion & reality is hurting you.

Me: What is reality?

God: Singularity…

Me: You mean to say you and I are singular?

God: Yes

Me: You mean all life forms are one?

God: Yes

Me: You mean, that man walking over there and I are one and the same?

God: In essence, Yes

Me: Then why there are multiple instances with different physics?

God: You are surrogated, objective reality!

Me: Are we bots?

God: No, Multiple instances of consciousness separated by death…

Me: That’s obscuring.

God: I understand your state.

Me: How is universe created? What is the origin?

God: That is beyond your comprehension.

Me: Try me!

God: You need to attain the state of singularity to comprehend.

Me: I am still not clear

God: Offset of divergence!

Me: Where is our conversation heading?

God: Nowhere. It’s a cycle.

Me: You haven’t answered a single question of mine

God: I have answered all of your questions, but your state litters your illumination!

Me: But am still at point zero…

God: Constructions of surrealistic illusions.

Me: I don’t get you

God: You cannot comprehend.

Me: Will I ever?

God: Yes, you will apprehend the objective reality and the state of singularity.

Me: When?

God: After the so called ‘Death’!

Me: Thank you God!

God: You are welcome ‘God’…


7 Comments to “Godly Conversations…”

  1. Where did you find this?

  2. that is very philosophical, yes, what ever you wrote are subjects of Oneness and duality

  3. wonderful, it must have taken some time and thought to do it.

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